Agency vs. In-House PR

Image via flickr, emurray

Image via flickr, emurray

Since my initial interest in PR, I have always wondered what realm of it I wanted to be involved it. Was it healthcare, government, corporate, an agency or in-house? While I have pretty much eliminated healthcare, government, and corporate PR, I have had a hard time of deciding on whether I want to be in-house or work for an agency that has multiple clients. I recently read an article by Brian Adams that reviews the major differences between in-house and agency PR. He has a great insight into the two types, seeing as he’s been involved in both. Although the article was interesting, I still am unsure of my path, but this definitely helped me learn more about the two! Go check out the article, it’s a great read!


Here we go!

Oregon Coast this summer, so beautiful!

“Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.”

-Salvador Dali.

Hi there! It’s about time I got into the blogosphere. It’s a fun (slightly overwhelming) realm that I’m excited to get into. This blog is a chance for me to explore the world of PR and post things that I find exciting and interesting. The Salvador Dali quote above is one of my absolute favorites. I find it to be so true, and I hope that throughout my PR journey, my intelligence and ambition will guide and push me.