Good News

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Hello everyone! I hope everyone’s Wednesdays are going well. This week marks the start of spring term and new classes! I’m excited to be taking two PR classes this term, one PR planning and cases class and one strategic research class. I’m excited to be getting into the research realm of the PR world and I can’t wait to see what it’s all about. I have one more exciting announcement! I am officially a PR intern for It is an incredible clothing company that features guayaberas, a classic Cuban shirt, and other casual attire for men and women. I will be focusing my efforts on the Debra Torres blog and more traditional PR work like social media and  media placements. I’ll be sure to update you on my experience with this great company!


Tips for Your Next Infographic

Created by Anna Reinhard

Created by Anna Reinhard

For a recent class assignment, we needed to create a captivating infographic. Ever since the infographic craze hit, I’ve been a big fan. I think they are great ways of creating buzz about a cause or informing your audience of something. With my recent interest in nonprofit PR, I set my sights on making an infographic on the global water crisis, which devastatingly affects one in eight people worldwide. I wanted it to be bright and enlightening. The goal was to compel the audience to donate by presenting the startling facts. To create this infographic, I followed a few tips and I’d like to share them with you:

  • Keep it simple: Don’t try to make it complicated and too colorful. Keep the colors and fonts simple, and make sure you don’t have more than three selections for each. Also, keep plenty of “white space” to keep the infographic looking clean and professional.
  • Keep it important: Don’t drown the reader in a million facts and statistics. Gather your research and choose the most important facts and figures. They will speak for themselves.
  • Keep it positive: Add in statistics about the good that can come from donations. Including optimistic data is much more affective than just heart-wrenching facts.

These are some of the tips I used, and I hope they will help you too! Have fun and make sure to focus on something that you are passionate about!

Must-have Skills for PR Newbies

Image via Flickr, Eric Perry

Image via Flickr, Eric Perry

Hello everyone, happy hump day! I hope the image above gave you a laugh. I think it’s a fun portrayal of the fluid yet separate worlds of communications, marketing and advertising. Anyways, this afternoon I was strolling through my PR blog roll and came across an article that seemed tailor-made for me. I’ve recently thought a lot about the future and where my education and internships will take me. The article, 4 skills PR newbies should possess “if they want a job) has answered a lot of my questions about what skills I need to have to succeed in PR. I’m confident that by the time I graduate, I’ll possess the skills noted through my education and with the guidance of my incredible PR professors and boss’. So check out the article and see what skills are important in the professional PR world!