Tips to Plan a “PR Perfect” Event


This past week at my Allen Hall PR meeting, I had the pleasure of hearing the in’s and out’s event planning from the Journalism departments own events manager, Erica Vogt. Erica has over seven years in the event planning business and is a pro organizing creative, fun and successful events. She gave some insight on what it takes to make an event truly outstanding. Erica stressed the importance of having a clear goal in mind, having ample time to plan, and choosing the right audience for your event. Below I’ve listed a few in’s and out’s from Erica’s presentation.

Know the Details

  • Before you event start to plan: Know the who, what, where, when, why.
  • Know the event goal: What do you want to accomplish after the event?
  • Once you know the goal, stick with it.

Promote Effectively

  • Put the event on every calendar around town.
  • Promote the event on social media every day before the event.

Stick To A Schedule 

  • Take time to plan: a good event takes at least three to four months to fully plan.
  • Research what else is going on that day: don’t have any other big events like holidays, football games, or commencements at the same time.

Development Your Audience

  • Get the right people in the room
  • Quality over quantity: Having high attendance is not a goal, it is about who is coming

Make Event Success Measurable

  • “Return on event investment” –success is data driven.
  • How to get data: Social media analytics, attendance, satisfaction, money raised, retention, surveys.
  • Data can later be used as benchmark analysis.

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