Must-have Traits for Any PR Pro


I was recently perusing one of my favorite PR blogs, Ragan’s PR Daily and came across an interesting article. The title “7 Traits of a solid PR professional” is pretty self-explanatory. According to PR Daily, a valid PR pro needs these seven qualities: business-minded, flexible, strong writer, “sponges,” unafraid of learning more, news-junkies, and thick-skinned. As a current public relations student, soon to be jolted into the competitive PR world, it’s nice for me to hear the qualities that can make or break your success in the PR workforce. While I like to think that I possess most of these qualities, it’s great to be aware of each one and work on strengthening them all. In an earlier post, I examined the four qualities that Ragan’s PR Daily said PR newbies should have. It is an interesting comparison to see what they say all PR professionals should have, experienced and unexperienced. So go check out the article and see for yourself!


One thought on “Must-have Traits for Any PR Pro

  1. I think the most important of those traits is being a “sponge.” Society is constantly changing and as PR professionals, we need to keep up! Not only is it important to stay current, but we also need to learn from past mistakes, successes, etc. I’m always looking for feedback on projects I’ve worked on because I love to learn how I can improve for the future. It’s also crucial to understand audiences and how they perceive situations. If we are not constantly aware of what is going on around us, we could miss something that could either improve or hinder our campaign.

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